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Live the life you love, love the life you live.

~Bob Marley



Photo credit Wendy Dechambeau


Happy First Birthday Marley Jo Geer.  You share a birthday with your Grandma Teresa, and that means the world to me. A day that was once one of sadness has turned into one of the best days of my life.  I can only imagine that this was her way of saying “I see you guys and I’m looking out for you.”

Some would argue that this was supposed to be one of the most challenging years of my life trying to care for a baby, a 2 year old, and a 3 year old. It certainly wasn’t a walk in the park, but after going through the “terrible two’s” twice now, and having a “threenager” I think maybe the next couple, or the teenage years, may give it a run for it’s money. Please, I’m begging you, take it easy on me.


Before this year I never really understood the saying “The days are long, but the years are short.”  Really everything seemed so long, but this year has flown by in my mind.  Maybe because everything was moving so fast. Your brother and sister always on the move, never ending work and tasks to be done around the farm or house, and you Marley, just seemed so completely content to be along for the ride. You have been the happiest baby.



Riding floppy. Photo credit Wendy Dechambeau


You grab attention and hold it anywhere you go.  From the time that you were a tiny baby you find and lock gazes with me or anyone you want attention from.  A quality I hope you keep, but guard well as you grow.  The world is a scary place my dear and I think that you will gather attention wherever you go.  My dream for you is that you use that attention to make the world a better place.



Photo credit Wendy Dechambeau


This year we really found our village here.  People went from close friends to family.  They were all here for us.  To help with your brother and sister when I needed a break 9 months pregnant, to keeping us going when you and your sister were in the hospital with pneumonia, even volunteering to brave all three of you so I could have an afternoon with your daddy.  Life without them would have been much more challenging, and there wouldn’t have been as much fun or love.  I’m so grateful you have so many people who love you and protect you.



Tracy and tiny Marley on one of the days Tracy came out to give us a hand.




Our Christmas cookie exchange party.



Nancy and Caroline admiring our tiny tree.





All dressed up like Nancy.


And while I am so proud of myself for surviving this first year with all of us fairly unscathed, it is bittersweet for me.

I’m already missing our newborn days together, but watching you start to explore and be in command of your own choices is thrilling.  You already know how to play.  You love to zoooooommmm your cars just like your big brother, and cuddle and take care of your stuffed animals and babies just like your big sister. You adore water, playing in sand, and eating dirt (trying to anyways) and do the best Chris Farley impression.




Photo Credit Wendy Dechambeau




All my girls. One of our first days together.


I won’t feel a tiny human move inside my belly again. I won’t again know the anticipation of what a new baby will look like, or the giant decision of what in the world to name another human. But my body is mine again, and it can start to return to it’s own shape.  No more exhaustion, food aversions, or body aches because growing another human inside you is a lot of work.

Marley and me

I can now leave a room for two minutes without worrying.

But you guys are more independent now and while I’ve longed for the tiniest amount of space, that space hurts just a little right around my heart.

Marley, may you be strong, independent, happy, always feel loved, and know how important it is to give love.


Your Momma




Did you know that trying to get a one year old, two year old, and a three year old to take a nice picture all at the same time is a little like herding kittens?




My Life is Ruled by Tiny People

You are altogether beautiful, my darling, beautiful in every way.

— Song of Songs 4:7


With Baby Geer #3 on the way, (oh yeah? Did I tell you?)


I thought I would reflect a  a little, and write a post detailing what my life has become on the day-to-day with two toddlers running around.  So much different than 6 years ago when I was going to parties (aka getting a hangover), rock climbing (miss this), and complaining about being bored (I wish).  So here we go, a glimpse into the glamorous life of the Geer clan.  I’m sure many of you can relate.

Bathroom trips:  Something that is a necessity of life and something all of us do multiple times a day, right?  Well in my life it usually results in crying or death defying stunts. It takes about 5 seconds for them to realize I’ve disappeared and that I will be unavailable for at least 30 seconds.  One of three things proceeds to happen.

  1. Someone sits outside the door crying because I’ve left them out.  This is the ideal situation.  It means no one is trying to die, kill the other, or do something gross.
  2. Someone climbs on top of the table/counter/chair/any high place really so that I have to rush through whatever it is I may be doing. I know this is the case because it’s quiet.  I walked out of the bathroom this morning to find Caroline standing on top of the table.
  3. I am accompanied in to the bathroom where there is the opportunity to play in the shower, unroll the toilet paper, flush the toilet over and over (with me sitting on it of course), or try, to my absolute disgust, to dig through the bathroom trash.  All done juuuust out of reach.


Fun! Fun! Fun Mommy!


Food:  If you didn’t know, now you will, that…

-A banana breaking in half while peeling it makes it inedible.

-If we are at our house a peel on an apple or peach makes it inedible.  I have yet to figure out why this only applies to being at home, because a peel is totally acceptable in public.

-The only reasonable thing to do when we are finished with food or drink is to dump the remaining on the floor (or me).  Same applies to wrappers or peels.  But only in the house, outside I am handed everything. At least we aren’t littering.

-Everything I have is for sharing.  Food, tools, computers, writing implements. This is not reciprocal.

-If I am wearing clean clothes, this is a big freaking deal.  Everything that anyone in the house under the age of three eats, I end up wearing, because…


-My shirt is a safety line.  Worried about falling? Grab on!  Need help standing up?  Here I am! Feeling happy, sad, nervous or devastated? Here’s my shirt!

-The only acceptable thing to grab on to when throwing a temper tantrum is my pants.  Since baby number three has expanded my waist line, most (all), of my pants have elastic waist.  I have a whole new reason to fear tantrums in public, loosing my pants.

-Talking the two year old into changing clothes in the morning is like negotiating a multi nation trade deal.

-My favorite… if you stood outside our house during a diaper change or clothing changes you would imagine we were torturing children.  Screaming, crying, everything you would expect if I was say, poking them with a fire poker.  But alas all I’m doing is trying to keep them comfortable and to not smell bad, but I’m pretty sure they consider this torture.


-I’ve given up trying to sit on furniture, of any kind pretty much.  This includes eating at the table or sitting on the couch.  Someone always insists on joining me, and then tries to dive off. And then they cry, not worth the comfort.

-I have many children’s books memorized, because I read them 20 times in a row, every night.  Too bad Vice articles weren’t as entertaining to them.

-If I do anything I require assistance.  Laundry involves help emptying the clean clothes out of the basket, while typing I always need help hitting the right keys, and I absolutely can not do dishes with out a small person standing under me or staring at me and trying to crawl on the counter.

Every single one of these moments is peppered with humor.  Either of the absurd situations I find myself in multiple times a day, the variety of faces a one year old can make, or the imagination of a two year old.


 There is so much love too.  Seeing them help each other with a task (usually something they aren’t supposed to be doing, but hey?) Give endless kisses and hugs, or the simplest, what would be meaningless to anyone else, gestures that I can never get enough of.  Every moment of this experience is completely worth it and gratifying.  Though I’ll be honest, there are about 50 times in the day I would say I lied to you about this.  I go to bed every night exhausted but overwhelmed with love.



Farm Life

So what’s been going on at L&S Farm over the last few months other than growing a new family member?

Well… life hasn’t been easy, there has been quite a few ups and downs, but things are looking up, dare I say it too loudly for fear of jinxing us.

We have 12 pigs who are coming of age which will be great for business.  We had two new litters of piglets born in the last few weeks totaling 16 new piglets.  They are adorable.  We have one more mama almost ready to give birth and she is huge.  It will be exciting to see how many babes she will have.

We have successfully plowed and planted our large field in preparation for all these piglets.  They will be raised on a rotating pasture system, moving from fenced off area to fenced off area eating the high protein crops as they go. We lucked out with the timing of planting.  Shawn’s been keeping track of the rain and moon cycles for the last few years, and successfully predicted a good time to plant.  It’s rained nearly every day since we put the seeds in the ground and a week later the whole field started to sprout.  I can’t wait to watch the process happen the way I know Shawn has been planning for the last few years.  He’s also been training the pigs to come when called and Caroline has started using the call too, it’s freaking adorable.  How cute is it going to be seeing this little blonde head leading the pigs out to pasture.

image1 [74982]
We’ve also had the opportunity to experience how truly lucky we are to have our people around us here.  The last few months would have been devastatingly hard if it weren’t for our friends.  From helping kid watch, to helping build fences (in more ways than the obvious), bringing us food so we could have a small break, and even just listening ears and solid advice. I feel so blessed and lucky to have these people in our lives.  There were many times their kindnesses had brought me to tears.  So I say from the bottom of my heart

Thank You.


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