Things I Want to Remember Today

Caroline took two naps today, first time in about a week.  The beautiful sweet part was I held her for both, and she smelled like bubble gum.  I have no idea how or why she smelled that way. Then this happened before dinner…


Although Gus has been potty trained for a couple months now he still wears a diaper for bed and naps.  Tonight was the first night he really protested a diaper for bed.  

Listening to him use the word “deliscious” is amazing.  

They are growing up so fast and I want to remember these last few moments before we become a family of five. 



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  1. Each moment is a precious one! I know you are anxious for #3 to join your crew 😄 Just remember, with the newest arrival there will most probably be set backs with the others. Hopefully not but it is typical. Know that we love you & keeping you all in our prayers 😘

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